Baboon With A Bang!

Dear Readers/Procrastinators

I am happy to inform you all that the Baboon has returned.

The blog will be updated every Sunday, that is, if there are no nuclear wars going on in the Baboon’s area or (equally destructive), the Baboon ain’t got no exams.


Thank You

Now eat your cupcake!


Sit down,

Take off your shoes,

Would you like some tea?

Have some cookies,

Eat your brownie!

Put on this unicorn horn,

Smile :D

Now hear me ramble –

So, what is this blog about?

Frankly, even I don’t know. I needed some place where I could talk shit and maybe, hear your crap. So, I opened up a wordpress account and created this blog.
This is a place where we can chat and have some ‘intelligent’ conversations. Well, not really!

Who is the target audience?

People who have escaped from mental asylums, intellectuals, dumb-asses, art lovers, art haters, philosophers, laymen, stand-men, sit-men, teenagers, oldies, truth-seekers, lie-seekers, people curious about the world, people bored with the world, YOU!
Basically, anybody who can read the peculiar language called English.

Great! Where do I start?

Scroll down blind-boy (or girl, whatever).
Or you can check out the footer of the blog for some categories.


And then?

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Failed Paths, No More

I am tired of walking
On your dreary paths.
I shall rather sleep
On a patch of grass which is my own,
And later fly in a sky which chooses me.

My life has too much laughter destined for it.

I can’t waste my breath
Running after dreams
Which you failed to achieve,
Or obeying rules
Which failed you.

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The Quest For Truth



In order to find what was before existence, what will be after it and what it is, we have to peel the layers of our own presence until we have undone ourselves — reached that point where existence and non-existence cease to be apart.

The absolute truth, hence, requires our absolute death as a precondition.

We can’t be IN existence and discover non-existence.
All theories about such a subject will be mere conjectures.

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Dark Bus
Red Blood
Bite Marks
Brutal fuck

Iron Rod
Cold Streets
Angry Roars
Hang Them
Five Year
Ripped Ass

What Changed?

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Paralysed Tongue

The Oceans have lost their depth,
The night has killed its stars.
All the metaphors have broken-down,
Meaning was empty since the Start.

If you want to speak to me,
Look into my eyes.

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City Introspections: The Skins

She peels her skin at seven in the morning.


“Let it be,” he said. “What harm can it do?”


Both knew that she wouldn’t listen.



that would be preposterous to say.


She always listened.

It would be a crime to say that she didn’t.

She was the empty paper which would let you write on her.


But she never obeyed.


The paper is blank again…



Crumpled, it lay around her.


She makes little mounds of the dead skin.


It peels off easily.

Chemicals which burned her had already left half her face hanging.



The next layer is tricky.

One can’t know whether its skin or just sewer crap.


“It’s my own fault.”


She vomits.

It evaporates.


She feels cool when she is caressed by the vapors.


What is left are stitched rags of prison created by her parents and her childhood — which she loves but has to loathe.


What did they think?


She will embrace their anger and failures so that her life could be wasted fulfilling their failed dreams and borrowed expectations?

That she will live the tar they blow into her lungs?

That she will live chocking?


Their stitched-up prison will never wrap her in her grave.


When the rags are burned away,

She reappears.


He cannot see her anymore,


And she knew she was free.


She hopes to see him invisible too.

She knows he dreams of it.

She feels he will find his emptiness –

that he will go back to his source.


Everyone will eventually find the vessel which is them,

And be free of the shit which it is filled with now.


But she will not wait;

It’s been too long.

Let others take their time.


And as for her,

She is Freedom already.

Baboon Banter On Morality



The Baboon has been going mad-er day-by-day and his babbling is the only thing which has prevented his total mental breakdown.It is the special subject of morality which has baked his brains into a plum cake.

The Baboon realises that morality is relative. It is different for every monkey, slug and elephant.
Morality doesn’t exist in the world. It is created by our morbid minds.
That is precisely the reason why some cultures find human sacrifice as a way to appease Gods and some others define it to be an abominable crime.

What is good and what is bad for the society is based on which moral codes have managed to gain acceptance and influence with the majority.

But does this mean that anything goes?
Or should this subjectivism just lead to empty, meaningless nihilism?

Before the Baboon wrecks his head by banging it on a stone, or it spontaneously explodes, he should make something clear.

The Baboon agrees that moral codes have traditionally been used as a tool for power and control.
The interests of the moral codes preached by the society is often not good for the whole society, but the profit and privilege for the minority elites.

Moral codes frequently create social norms which seek to confine individuals in a fixed identity, creating group divisions while eliminating any difference.

The most efficient example of both of these are gender norms and the morality based on it.

In a patriarchal society, morality often has double standards which favours males — like the importance of female chastity is often paramount, while males are allowed more social freedom.  It is often OK for males to have premarital, or even extramarital, sex; a woman is often labelled as a ‘whore’ or even stone pelted in the same situation.

Gender and gender norms first divide the population into two genders, homogenise their identities and behaviours of individuals inside each gender, and finally exclude individuals who are different like the people belonging to the LGBTQ community.

Morality and moral codes of the society have never been good for the society.
But does this mean we abandon the concept of morality altogether?
Or does the subjectivity of morality makes everything right?

Does this mean Nazism, slavery, colonialism and patriarchy become al right?

In what the intellectual brains like to call as post-modernism, this seems to be exactly the battle call — “Anything goes”.

But this only seems to be true in arguments, debates and discussions.

Experience assertively differs.

Can we really justify the experience of those who were slaughtered under the Nazi regime? Can we justify the experience of  the slaves? Can we justify the experience of the colonised? Can we justify the experience of the victims of patriarchy?

At least, the Baboon can’t.

And this is precisely the base of the Baboon’s morality — experience.

It is only through the experience of a situation that we can ascertain the morality of the situation. There maybe nothing right in any situation, but there are things which cannot be justified, and hence, are wrong.

We have arrived at a point of moral emptiness only because of too much chat-chat and not much experience. Because most of our experiences are virtual we have lost our touch with life itself.

That is why some people can parody the 9/11 in an online image board, while people who had actually experienced it still get nightmares even after 13 years.

The Baboon rejects traditional structures of morality.
This in no way means that the Baboon doesn’t believe in morality.

The Baboon believes that every situation is unique in itself, and ethical theory is defunct because it often generalises situations and forms rules according to it like a wannabe science.
That is why moral codes don’t work.

Morality is an individual activity.

It should be based on empathy, rationality and intuition, rather than traditional bullshit.

This is because tradition ascribes the label of right to things which cannot be justified through empathy like marital rape, honour killings or burning people at stake.

Morality should be a reaction to a situation rather than blind following of rules.

The Baboon believes in the Moral Compass but not in Moral Codes.

Morality is subjective and may change from person to person, according to different situations.

This in no way means an individual should forsake morality altogether.

And here ends the Baboon Banter on Morality.

Eat your cupcakes!


– X –

The Baboon apologises for being late.

The world was on the brink of a nuclear war.

Or maybe the Baboon just had a bad dream.

The Baboon loves you.


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The Age Is Lost, The Genius Has Escaped

The Post-Modern Genius Will Write His Obituary Like This…

It is a loneliness of a special kind
Which is born out of this opinion –
I am better
And it is true.

How surprising is it,
That a whole age can fail you?

That an era can give you no heroics to be inspired.
That your need for grandeur is so dire,
That you have to dream up your gods,
Because the real ones never existed.
When geniuses are just inflated mediocrity,
You become your own apothecary.

It may seem so romantic,
Running alone in a race for greatness.
But the truth is this –
I am great
But it’s not enough.

I wish I could forge this
Into one of those famed solitudes;
The betrayed lover of humanity
Having an affair with his alienation.

I wish I could mould this
Into an obsessive depression,
Forcing me to fry my brains in a microwave;
A death which would’ve made me immortal.

I wish I could hammer this
Into a toxic disgust –
Spitting on people’s faces
With my poetic revulsion.

But disappointment has no grandeur.
Boredom is not glamorous.

When you uphold my skull
As an idol of worship,
Know that all my artistry
Was just an attempt
To escape You.

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City Introspections: The Pebbles

He can read the pebbles.
Like scrolls written by the river, he reads their stories and weeps.

Some pebbles are old. They tell stories of a time when the river was clean, healthy and alive.
The pebbles’ smoothness tells him of the joy the fishes, snakes and the naked girls and boys used to have a thousand years ago.

The pebbles are like totems telling mythologies of times when the earth was respected, the city was dead and the river was alive.

The majority of the pebbles are now black; in places which was once a river bed.
The river is now dead, the earth disrespected and the city is alive.
Or is it?

Some little children stack them up like little skyscrapers and kick them down for fun.
The stories the pebbles tell are unheard by them.

Listen to the pebbles.
What do they whisper?

We have witnessed the jungles and the villages.
We have captured rivers in our grooves.
We have seen you take birth.
We have seen you grow.
We have seen you become a monster.


Don’t throw us away when we warn you.
We are the stories which make up your boundary walls.
We are your protectors.
When we fall away, the wild will devour you.
The snakes you killed, the hyenas you slaughtered, the wolves you ate — all of them will return.

When we fall away, nature will return.

Who will protect you from the storms and the sewer-floods then?

We don’t ask for much.

Heed us when we talk to you.
Don’t piss in the river.
Don’t blacken it with your shit.
It is the life source of you retarded millions.
When it will truly die — you shall cannibalise on your life.

We love you.

Love us back.

Or go fucking die.

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Baboon Banter On Bestiality

Baboon Bestiality

Baboon Bestiality

The Baboon swears on his mountain of slimy bananas that it loves all kinds of filthy copulations. And that is why the Baboon is in awe of the unique ability of you base but creative creatures to fuck, suck, lick or sexualize anybody and anything.

What sours this strawberry pie is how some groups of prude humans reject and are disgusted by their species’ diverse sexualities.

So, when the Baboon encounters people who actually embrace these differences and work towards making them acceptable, he greatly respects them.

In conversation with such a person, the Baboon encountered a difference of opinion.

The human was a queer female — an LGBTQ-feminist activist.

The Baboon had asked a question about bestiality. She said one of the things about sexual liberty was consent. And since animals don’t speak human languages (except for the Baboon) they really can’t communicate consent.

So, that was why she did not support bestiality.

The Baboon of course disagreed, not only because he can ramble whole articles and not just consent, but also, because animals communicate regularly with humans.

The Baboon regards it a little naive to think that humans can train dogs to sit, fetch or sniff out cocaine from the pockets of sneaky smugglers, and still consider dogs can’t communicate something as basic as a desire for sex?

Sex is one of the three basic desires, along with hunger and thirst.

Every species has some way to communicate the desire to have sex, just like the desire to eat or drink.

If human pet owners can be told by their pets that they are hungry or thirsty, the animals are very well capable to convey they are horny (take the Baboon’s word for it).

But the Baboon also thinks that this may not be so simple.

There maybe (are) cases where the animals are really raped. And it is not such a gobble-dung idea to suppose in many instances that these animals are not able to communicate this to a third person.

Thus, the Baboon thinks bestiality is al right when done with consent.

But the Baboon will not encourage (nor discourage) this as it becomes difficult to differentiate between sex-with-consent and barbaric rape, for the human society (which is still really retarded as compared to the Baboons’, I must say).

End of Baboon Banter.

Now go fuck that pie!

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Anonymous: A Short History


It’s unheard of that a politically active collective has its origins in memes, pranks and pornography.

But Anonymous is exactly such a collective which has, in recent years, created a storm in the cyber as well as the real world.
Using cyber attacks, information leaks and real world protests, it has not only made the world governments scramble, but also made a generation which was viewed as apathetic, take part in the politics of the world.



The womb and the cradle of Anonymous was the notorious image board called 4chan. In a section labeled as /b/ , where people posted anything random anonymously, the first members of Anonymous mingled. They shared porn, created memes such as LOLcats and ,rarely, provided emotional support to heart-broken /b/rothers (as they were called).


Its culture was rude, vulgar and ruthless. Its members were trolls, cyber-bullies and hackers (although very few were actually technical hackers). Its unity was forged by executing pranks together — making fake phone calls and emotionally blackmailing naive victims with the threat of leaking their nude photos.


Its language was homophobic, racist and sexist, although it didn’t necessarily mean that they were actually any of these.


4chan was the dark underbelly of the Internet where people could anonymously encourage someone to suicide without revealing one’s identity.


It was this moral-less culture and anonymity which gave birth to Anonymous.


Project Chanology


Anonymous’ first mass attack was against the church of Scientology, which made the group enter the real world for the first time ever.

The Church of Scientology is a religious organization with a  bizzare set of mythos and a controversial record of corruption, ruthlessly crushing criticism and destroying critics through intimidation tactics and litigation.


On January 14, 2008, Scientology published a video of Tom Cruise extolling the  the virtues of the church.
In it, the manic looking cruise talked in hyperbolic sentences, with the music of mission impossible running in the background.


The video was rather ridiculous and its effect was contrary to what was intended. And so the /b/rothers loved it — it was the perfect fodder for their lulz (a corruption of LOL).

But after getting trashed by media houses like The Times and the Daily Telegraph, Scientology started to take down the videos with the threat of litigation.


Upset about losing their source of  the lulz, the /b/rothers termed it as Internet censorship.

And hence, project Chanology was born.


It was a large scale attack against the Church of Scientology and it derived its name from 4chan itself.


A video entitled “Call to Action” appeared on 28 January, 2008, calling all the people involved in Project Chanology to protest outside the Scientology centers on February 10, 2008.

It featured an electronic voice speaking British English and stock videos of clouds in the sky.


By January 30, 2008, 170 protests had been planned worldwide. People in Guy Fawkes masks, holding placards with meme references gathered all around like a flash flood under the name of Anonymous.


The media went into a frenzy. Regular activists who had been protesting against Scientology also joined in.


The issue came into the forefront along with the church’s various Human Rights Violations. The hype and the excitement had eventually fizzled out, but it had established Anonymous as a collective and had reinvigorated the protests against Scientology.

Project Chanology still continues on the Internet.


Operation Payback


The fight against censorship and the freedom of knowledge reached far bigger proportions in Operation Payback.


It started with the Indian company, Aiplex Software, which was hired to take down sites which didn’t respond when they were asked to take down Bollywood related content.


Anonymous along with other pro-piracy activists launched an operation against Aiplex.

But someone had single-handedly taken down their site already.


Anonymous then launched several Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on various high profile pro-copyright, anti-piracy organizations, law firms and individuals like Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) etc.

A DDoS attack basically floods a website’s server with so much traffic that it collapses. Every minute that the website is down, the owner of the website accrues huge losses.


Many websites which Anonymous attacked were down for more than a day and had to bear losses exceeding thousands of dollars.


When some countries tried to block Pirate Bay, one of the most popular torrent sites, Operation Payback was joined by hordes of new people to avenge this censorship.


But Anonymous reached new heights of fame and importance with its avengence of Wikileaks.


In December 2010, after Wikileaks started publishing confidential US diplomatic cables, it came under immense pressure to stop its operations.

Corporations like Amazon, Paypal, Mastercard and other online services refused to work with Wikileaks, paralyzing it.

Anonymous launched attacks on many of these sites.
But the most famous of them all was against Paypal.

The website was brought down by a DDoS attack which costed the company a whopping 3.5 Million Pounds!

Operation Payback also leaked many confidential data of the various companies it attacked, causing immense losses and effectively deterring Internet Censorship.


Arab Spring


During the 2011 Arab Spring, Anonymous provided immense support to the revolutions and many of the protesters even joined Anonymous.


The ruthless censorship of the internet all over the region was aimed to stop people from organizing large scale protests. Also, there was considerable manipulation and censorship of the media.


Activities like Operation Tunisia helped distribute anonymizing software to overcome Internet censorship and Anonymous helped in sharing videos and information to the world outside.


It was the time when Anonymous truly matured as a political collective.



Some might say that Anonymous is all hype without substance. But its true power lay in information.

It’s major leaks, like that of HBGary security firm which uncovered a plan to discredit Wikileaks by providing fake information or that of the LulzSec which leaked many documents of the FBI or CIA, are its true weapons.


They also act as a force to keep the Internet free and clean and often target sites with pedophilia.


Their power to create hype also helps to highlight relatively ignored issues in the mainstream media.


But their biggest contribution is their ability to transform an apathetic generation of youngsters into politically conscious citizens of the world.

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