A Phoenix Reborn

Naked and cold

I lay on the ground.

Dark, black tears

from my eyes roll down.

I look into the mirror,

A stranger stares.

I try to find me,

But I am not there.

I cry in horror,

in agony and disgust.

Oh why did I ever

gave into lust?

I go outside

into the terrace,

I shout and I weep,

My life’s such a menace.

The city lights

in front of my eyes,

seem like hell fire

Inviting me to die.

I stretch my arms,

And I twirl around.

I jump and I dance,

to the city’s sound.

I dance in regret,

I am lit with fire.

In me burned

the sins of desire.

I apologise to love,

And to my babies unborn.

I slept for money,

A sin I now scorn.

I collapse on the ground,

And finally I die.

No one cares,

And No one cries.

But look into the ashes

A phoenix arises.

With a pure soul

I am reborn again!

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