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The Cigarette In Her Pussy


Smoke, Smoke, Smoke,                   

She dances in the dark.                    

His hand on her butt,                       

His cigarette under her dress.          

Those perverted groping claws,        

Tear away her flesh;                        

Her lover is just another Hyena,       

His mask prettier than the rest.        

It’s too late for the illusion to end,    

She is the mirage now —                  

The empowered modern women,      

Is just a helpless slut.                       

Her skin sizzles under the spotlight,

The fame-whore has been fucked.

Her soul is annihilated from the fire

Of the cigarette in her pussy.


Her heels are her wings,

She walks two feet above the ground.

Yes, she feels the agony,

But her feet are far from tired.

The men around her are bound by chains,

Their leash firmly held in her fingers.

The dicks of those filthy dogs

Are pierced by her stilettos.

Her teats spit out fire,

The volcanic modern women.

She rules the world with a smokey crown,

With the cigarette in her pussy.

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