The Great Indian Myth

India is soon going to be a superpower, right? WRONG!

Here are the reasons why —

  • In the world’s largest democracy the religious fanatics have the full right to speech and protest, but the most famous Indian writers and artists don’t even have the basic right to security, let alone the freedom of expression.
  • India is a secular nation. Only the people who follow a religion have the right to express their views and defend it. Atheists should just shut up and leave the country. And when you’ll die, our media will mourn your death and short films on your life will be featured in our film festivals as a tribute to your contribution to our culture and heritage.
  • In a country where women are worshiped as the goddess shakti, infant girls are buried alive and teenage girls are taught to tolerate molestation rather than fight against it.
  • India now has enough nuclear arsenal to destroy Pakistan and China, but it has failed to deter rapists, molesters and eve teasers from making the national capital one of the most unsafe cities for women in the world.
  • India’s economy is the second fastest growing economy in the world. It has enough resilience to survive a global economic crisis and recessions but it still expects it’s people to survive at Rs. 32 a day ($1=Rs.50).
  • In the land of Kama Sutra, a boy and a girl holding hands is a sin. But in the same nation, porn stars become movie stars and dirty pictures are a hit.
  • Indian people are very traditional. They believe in preserving centuries-old customs of dowry, pardah and celibacy before marriage. They conveniently forget the time when women were empowered and people celebrated their sexuality; the time when India was a golden bird.
  • Contemporary Indian culture is all about promoting khadi and opposing Valentine’s Day, while shopping  from Chanel and getting an MBA degree (which is an American invention) to settle down in some first world country.
  • India will soon be a superpower, where it’s police, politicians and intellectuals believe that women are raped because they wear western, provocative dresses. Most of the rapes in India happen with Dalit women who barely have the money to wear a tattered saree—a short skirt is not even a distant dream.
  • India is a nation where politicians build parks and statues while their people starve, and the most famous Gandhian of the 21st century talks about flogging people in the streets.
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5 thoughts on “The Great Indian Myth

  1. Grace says:

    not sure what the second point you’re trying to make is. “India is a secular nation. Only the people who follow a religion have the right to express their views and defend it… as a tribute to your contribution to our culture and heritage.” ???

  2. Dee Rayolia says:

    About India’s pseudo-secularism.
    It talks about giving equal respect to all religions, but in practical implementation it just means that religions are largely immune from criticism and people who don’t really believe in religion aren’t given as much importance because they don’t form solid vote banks.
    M.F. Hussein had to leave the country because death threats were issued against him because of his paintings depicting some Hindu goddesses and ‘Bharat Mata’ nude. After his death people gave him tribute by screening films on him in film festivals.
    The state cannot hold any symbol or idea sacred because then it becomes immune to questioning and criticism. Full right to speech is never achieved in such ‘democracies’.

  3. Grace says:

    so 1) are you simply pointing out the irony/hypocrisy inherent in the posthumous glorification of a person’s life whom the state had practically disowned before? or 2) are you also upset with people who didnt do anything when m.f. hussein was being driven out, but very publicly celebratated his achievements once he was dead? do you hold them responsible too, for his fate? do you think they should have done something for him while he was still alive and not now when he’s dead?

    also, in this context, what about people like Bal Thackeray: grade-a asshole, directly/ indirectly responsible for communal strife, doesn’t get driven out of the country, still gets praised in death. why? because he has vociferous supporters whom the government is afraid of angering. does that mean mf hussein didnt have supporters? he did, but these people were largely apolitical so the government didnt have to particularly care what they wanted. it includes people like you and me. so who’s really to blame? the government is cowardly, yes, but so are we.

    (btw, i realize this was written Before bal thackeray’s death but he’s just one example; india is full of people like him)

    • deerayolia says:

      ALL of the above.
      And actually I had written an article about Bal Thackrey when he died.
      But never published it though.
      India can’t be considered a democracy at the moment it’s a bloody shamocracy.

    • deerayolia says:

      And I am also talking about how people who dare to question religion or even try to critically explore it, all the religious institutions are able to thwart their attempts because of the “Respect For All Religions” system.
      For example there was this scholar who had written a book about Sri Aurobindo and the religious people had registered a case against him pissed that in the book Aurobindo isn’t portrayed as a God. And the book release got stalled even until the matter was resolved, which easily is a matter of years. And worst of all Aurobindo himself said that he wasn’t a God.
      I mean utter bullshit.
      And its not only about religion, its about the state symbols and people who are held sacred like Bharat Mata or Gandhi or Nehru or Ambedkar.
      They become immune to criticism in India.

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