Undo The Pattern


It’s a machine;

The cogs turn as the lever arcs,

The baby pushes the button–


And the caterpillar turns into a cocoon.


The lights of the machine are blazing,

The lever bows a little further,

The girl pushes the button–


And the cocoon turns into a butterfly.


The machine works at a feverish pace,

The lever is about to break,

The woman pushes the button–


And the butterfly lays her eggs.


The machine explodes into a supernova,

The cogs and the lever give up,

The baboon pushes the button–


And the eggs decide to turn into crows.


Inspired by one of my journal entries where I wrote that the world lives in a trance, between the logical and the illogical.

The logical and the illogical mate to produce patterns which are regular, but which also aren’t rigid and change constantly.

Here, I develop a pattern and then destroy it.

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3 thoughts on “Undo The Pattern

  1. Torrun says:

    Fractals, yes thast what you should check out. Mathematical/Physical fractals – supple snowflakes – the perfect combination of the logical illogical matinee.

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