The Slap


Rickshaw Puller

Today, the rickshaw in which I was returning home, brushed against a speeding bus.
The rickshaw’s right wheel’s tire was pulled out and its steel frame was bent and ruined.

The bus driver, it seemed, didn’t even acknowledge the presence of the poor man and the vehicle which he drove before the accident.
Probably, the driver expected him to disappear before daring to give a dent on his bus.

But he didn’t.

It was probably then that the driver realized that he exists. And he wasn’t happy about it.

After some confusing moments and an echo of someone’s palm hitting somebody’s cheek, I realised that the conductor had slapped the rickshaw driver.

Nobody said anything, there was just the bus conductor’s stream of abuses and the honk of cars stuck behind the bus.

Sensing that things were getting serious, I quitely slipped out and hired another rickshaw to take me home.

After 10 minutes, the bus went away, the rickshaw went away and the traffic moved on. Everything was back to as it was before.

Except for some questions in my head:

Did the conductor have the right to slap the rickshaw driver?

Why didn’t anybody object to it?

Why did I quitely slip away?

Should I have interwened?

Would it have been prudent if I had done so?

Would the conductor dare to touch the man if he was driving a car instead of a rickshaw?

Would the conductor slap the man if he was wearing a suit instead of a torn tshirt?

He would’ve probably used a gun instead…

Or maybe not.

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