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When Will The Ravens Come?


Shed the skin,
Burn the bones,
Let your heart go numb.

Drown the Sun,
Kill the light,
Let the Ravens come.

Tear the flowers,
Cut the trees,
Let the worms eat.

Raze the cities,
Murder the nations,
Set ablaze their rules.

Spread your arms,
Open your mouth,
Devour thy dark end.

In your lungs,
Death births the new.

Eat, eat,
Maggots eat,
Suck the soul from me.

Grow, grow,
Serve yourself,
The Ravens sit hungry.

In the ruins,
Under the Moon,
A couple makes love.

Feathers, beaks,
Inky skin,
The love of dead zombies.

A nest of petals,
Sprinkled seeds-
An orb of potential life.

Shed the skin,
Burn the bones,
Your heart will so revive.

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