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The Lady of The Smoke

She feeds on the smoke of the city,

The daughter of the war,

With a mask of metal destruction

She rises.



Cursed by the bondage of her birth,

Chained by destiny,

She nurses her undead siblings

And bear their children of the night.



Her breasts pain,

Her womb bleeds,

She wanders through the city in the search for redemption.

She writhes in agony over her eternal nightmare,

Her heart seeks liberation.



With claws meant to destroy,

She creates

Sculpting skyscrapers —

Her fortress of fantasy.



Clad in the armor of leather

And armed with armadillo heels,

She dances in the rooftop of the city,

The prophet of freedom.



With a sword of glitter,

She slays her brothers

And pierces her children’s hearts.



Bathed in their blood,

Feeding on smoke,

The lady of the night smiles.

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Kiss Me In Your Dreams

Kiss Dreams

Kiss me once
And steal my soul,
Take my flood
To its shore.

To the land of no more.

When the stars we sweared by
Burn in their pyres,
And the promised eternity
Turns into a liar.

Kiss me once
Take my soul

Keep the song I’ll sing no more.

On the edge sits the boy,
The sand trickling down his hands;
It’s Swept away, from the shore
To the embrace of your door.

Take the sands
Kiss him more

Take him beyond his shore.

In the lore, you see him come.
In his cloak of fire.
The stars die in the supernova.
Eternity is a worthless thing to aspire.

Kiss him once
Take my soul.

In conclusion, I have to go.

Wake up princess,
But what will you find?
Whose is the sands?
Whose is the shore?

The flood is no more.

Whose is the song?
Whose is the lore?

The stars are no more.

Love was the dream.
Whose was the boy?
Whose was the princess?

It was the lie.
The lie was the gift.
It was you.


This poem came to me last night like a dream.
I am not really sure if even I know what its complete meaning is.

This is inspired by a close (lady) friend of mine, to whom I am attracted to but not really in love.
But I shall describe this poem as a love poem.

I know I have subconsciously drawn the inspirational energy from the lyrics of ‘Kafka On The Shore’, a fictional song in the novel of the same name, written by Haruki Murakami.

I will really appreciate if you will try to analyze the poem and attempt to discern its meaning.

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