Why My Atheism Doesn’t Need The Absence of God


We have been told that there is some supreme being up in heaven who looks after us and is all good.
Supposedly he is all powerful – – the master of the cosmos.
He sees everything – – all our crimes and acts of kindness.
Also, he is omnipresent, existing everywhere, all at once, always.

And yet, despite this grand claim of religion, the amount of human suffering only seems to be increasing as the centuries pass by.

Wars have gotten deadlier as humanity learns to create newer and better Weapons of Mass Destruction.

After a brief waning of religious fundamentalism in the middle of 20th century, our dear god has returned to become an excuse for genocides and terrorist bombings.

We live in an era in which the amount of absolute poverty is highest in the history of humanity. Despite this fact, there seems to be a consensus that the fight against an economy of inequality is trivial or boring.

As if these human-made atrocities were not enough, our dear god seems to be particularly keen on gifting us more and more disasters of the natural kind.

In the middle of all this shit, some people see the divine will at work to do good. They say it is god’s own mysterious way to redeem humankind. The disasters, genocides, mass rapes and child prostitutes are all part of the plan. They are a symbol of divine grace, according to the religious nuts.

And this is what, I think, justifies 21st century Atheism. If God exists, then he is a criminal. And that is why I reject his demand to be acknowledged and worshiped.

If God is omnipotent, then he is responsible for the millions of live lost in earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis everywhere in the world.

If he is omnipresent, then he just stood by when millions of women, children and men were raped, ripped apart and destroyed throughout history.

If he is omniscient, then he just watches passively as thousands of infants starve to death everyday around the world.

I know religious crazies have justifications for this as well. “Wait for the judgment day or Karma,” they say.
But a being who can stop and prevent these mind-numbing atrocities through his divine powers cannot excuse himself of his responsibility. Giving judgments after the beings he created have committed their crimes barely lessens the suffering of the innocents.

One who stands by even though he can prevent a crime is as guilty as the criminal himself.

And thus, I refuse to believe in the existence of God simply because I don’t see this divine being making a difference. Even if god exists so what? Humanity still has to deal with the world on its own. Praying and worship have never prevented a tragedy. Nor it ever will.

Thus, my atheism is purely a political rebellion. It is the negation of god even if he exists. It is the act of spitting on his face. It is the slap which he deserves if he exists.

Militant atheists like Dawkins simply waste their time debating with theists about the non-existence of god.

Firstly, the concept of God itself is unscientific. God is (cleverly) conceived as something which can’t be completely known. Thus, God can’t be disproved. And despite the claims of physicists, just because science works doesn’t automatically mean that God doesn’t exist.
E=mc2 has no logical connection to God=Non-existent.

Secondly, if God exists then it is even worse for religion. Because in the center of their belief system lies a being who is the most perverted criminal in the cosmos.

Thus, I think atheism should give up the time consuming, elaborate debates about the absence or the existence of the oldest imaginary friend humanity ever created. It should simply position itself as a political rebellion — something which makes much more sense in the present scenario.

Nietzsche said:

“…if God did exist, we would need to kill him off.”

However the 21st century atheist should say:

” God has survived, let’s kill him better in a better way. “

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5 thoughts on “Why My Atheism Doesn’t Need The Absence of God

  1. Noel says:

    You wrote that you refuse to believe in the existence of a God “simply” because YOU don’t see this divine being making a difference . This statement sounds very self glorifying and arrogant. Simply because things don’t seem to go the way I think they should go, doesn’t necessarily mean that whoever could make any difference does not exist at all … also, you admit that you are a “rebellious” atheist, which clearly implies that your claims are based on anger. Although I understand your anger and also question God in the midst of chaos and suffering , I don’t think we humans are smart and powerful enough to conclude that God does not exist . I don’t pray myself, but I cannot conclude either that It doesn’t make a difference to others. Maybe prayer makes others feel more secured and hopeful . Atheists like yourself prefer to refuse to believe in God than to admit our limitations in fully understanding this omnipotent being.

    • deerayolia says:

      “This statement sounds very self glorifying and arrogant.”
      Yeah? If you just read the article nowhere do I ‘self-glorify’. I don’t talk about my own experiences. I talk about the horrible distress OTHER people are going through at this point of historical time and throughout centuries.
      Negation of God has absolutely NO connection to the glory of my ‘self’, as you say.

      “Simply because things don’t seem to go the way I think they should go,”
      Oh so the devastation caused by the recent earthquake in Nepal, the ISIS state and its terrorism, modern human slavery, child prostitution etc. are bad ‘merely’ because of my opinion? Yes, I DO think these things shouldn’t exist in the world. And if they do then god has something to do with it invariably as he is omnipotent. So either he caused it, or he simply stood by as these things were happening.
      If you will negate the harrowing experiences of the victims of these atrocities JUST to preserve some vague, logic-less idea of god, then your moral compass is fucked up beyond belief. And that too shall be the fault of the omnipotent god.

      “doesn’t necessarily mean that whoever could make any difference does not exist at all”
      Even if someone who can make a difference exists (GOD), then it cannot be denied that this (omnipotent) being shall also be a cause of the same problems which he solves (if he does). Besides basic problems of violence have been going on since forever. What the FUCK is he doing?

      “your claims are based on anger.”
      Nope. It’s a mixture of boredom and disgust. Mainly with the whole religious, theistic establishment.

      “I don’t think we humans are smart and powerful enough to conclude that God does not exist ”
      1) My argument, unlike other atheists, is absolutely not concerned with the TRUTH about god’s existence at ALL. My argument is stated clearly:
      Even if he exists, so what? What difference does it make to the lived experience of thousands of people who are born and then die in pathetic situations of poverty? Have God and Religion been able to stop wars? Lol. So many wars have been fought in the names of numerous gods throughout the world. So your ‘criticism’ actually has zero relevance to the arguments I make. It is a political rebellion, like against a mentally-disturbed tyrant.

      2) Humans aren’t smart enough to conclude that god doesn’t exist, but with their teeny tiny brains they can conclude that he exists? Oh HOW convenient. Typical theistic argument. Typically devoid of logic.
      If your argument rests on the foundation that Human intelligence is limited, and therefore unable to understand an infinite, all-powerful being like God, then on what bases do you state that God exists? If our minds are unable to understand god at all, then we can’t claim to know he exists can we? And yet you defend the theistic position.
      A position which not only claims God exists but lays down strict, fundamentalist guidelines on how this unknowable entity wants us to live, marry, have sex, eat, and everything else. And mind you religions aren’t innocent, naive (ignorant) institutions. They are intimately enmeshed in the power relations of the society. Religion has been the justification of monarchies across the world, from Egypt, to Europe. China, Japan, India Middle-East, basically all civilizations have had phases in which god was the justification for the rule of tyrants. Similarly, patriarchy is also sustained with a huge, overt support of religious doctrines. This is true for Bible, Quran, various texts of Hinduism, pagan religions, Judaism etc. I don’t even need to mention wars like crusades and now we its common for people to blow themselves up in public places or shoot innocent people down in the name of this entity GOD.

      The question invariably arises: if god exists then what is he doing? The answer seems to be nothing or not much anyway.

      “Maybe prayer makes others feel more secured and hopeful”
      OFCOURSE it does. But so what? Thats motivational psychology. Any grand narrative makes people feel secure and hopeful. The poor may find hope in Marxism and its view that history is destined to be classless. The cancer patient may find hope in science and its promise of infinite knowledge and progress through reason.
      But prayers never work consistently do they? The faithful are disappointed more than once in their lives. I am sure there were many faithful people in Nepal who either died in the massive earthquake or are now struggling to survive. There were many faithful people in India’s pilgrimage hub Kedarnath when Flash floods and massive landslides washed everything away, along with thousands of innocent lives.
      ALL agrarian societies traditionally have rituals in which they pray to god for bountiful harvest. But that didn’t bring about the green revolution did it? Science did though, in a consistent, reliable manner.

      “Atheists like yourself prefer to refuse to believe in God than to admit our limitations in fully understanding this omnipotent being.”
      Yes, as a strategic, political position in view of the present condition of the world.
      The world is on the verge of collapsing and you want me to sing praises or simply accept the existence of a being, who (if he exists) should be responsible for all of this? Why should I or in fact the majority of Humans accept the authority of such a psycho.
      And WHAT is the proof that god exists? None of your argument provide any concrete proof. And yet you talk about limitations? As I said, if human knowledge is limited, flawed etc. then you actually have NO basis to claim god exists. Your argument about human knowledge is actually leaves no space for theism which claims to know that god exists.

      I would just quote Galileo on this:
      “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.”
      If God exists then he wants me to reject him 🙂

      • Noel says:

        Your extended and anger driven response proves my point. Thanks.

      • deerayolia says:

        You first need a logical ‘point’ for it to be proved. Blind faith hardly counts as a ‘point’. K thnx bye.

      • yash94d says:

        I like how Neol tries to be evade everything that Deerayolia presents against him and his so called ‘point’ and tries to make himself look big by making typical smart assed comments. Bro, get a life and try to atleast read what people, who actually care a little about this world, post about their thoughts. I know it’s beyond your level of comprehension to understand the countless facts that Deerayolia mentioned in his post, so I would suggest you to stay aside of such posts or you just make a joke out of yourself in a grand manner. Also, fortunately, if you still think that you and your so called ‘point’ is right, then yes I agree with you my friend, you do prove the point that there is something fundamentally wrong in your brain like most of the theists in this world do.

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