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Iconoclast — The Death Of The Idols

Growing up always involves the exploration of the world and picking out idols who you think you want to be.

Self-discovery always involves shattering of these idols and discovering who you really want to be.

At that crucial juncture of growing up I had worshiped particularly three idols who are still the main inspirations for me — Lady Gaga, Ayn Rand and OSHO, in that chronological order.

And I am happy to say that the iconoclasm has happened for me some time back.

Lady Gaga is perhaps the only one in the pop world who is substantial enough to be called an inspiration, at least for me.
I always had a neurotic, bizarre, outrageous artistic streak in me. In her I saw it reach its ultimate point.
Her philosophy of individual liberation was my philosophy even before I heard of her. It was like she was made of the echoes of my screams, which were insubstantial at that moment of time.
She was the rebellion I always wanted to be.
Here was a woman who did what she wanted, and the criticism didn’t touch because she was so fucking amazing in what she did. She was a rebel not just for the sake of being a rebel, she was a rebel who had a solid foundation. No one could point out and say, “Its just empty fireworks, it’ll disappear with the smoke”.
And most of all, she was a woman who was fucking strong.

But now, I guess that strength is waning in her somehow.
Her next ARTPOP album is rumored to have a song, GUY (Girl Under You).

In an interview, she said, “Any kind of feminist has valid views for herself about what it means to be a feminist, but, as a new-age feminist, I would say I quite like the transference of strength I feel by submitting to a man – being under him,”

So wearing make-up, smelling delicious and having suckable, kissable, edible things between your limbs is something I find strengthening because I know that when I pick the right guy, I can let him have it.

The rebellion in her is officially dead, I guess. That’s what happens when you finally get to have your ‘prince charming’ and you fall back into that patriarchal norm.
When I had discovered Ayn Rand, it was a time when I desperately needed her ideal of selfishness.  For during that period, I had realized that there was nothing greater than the self.
But what irked me since the beginning was her idea of morality. She believed that the ‘ideal man’ should be like a monolithic block of stone, with no contradictions and just blindly following his moral ideal.
What bullcrap.
It left no scope for growth, for growth always means contradictions. And her sense of ideal man or woman is something which is against my current philosophy. Making everyone a prisoner of ideals and pushing them into that impossible path of selfishness ruins the individual. Everyone will then want to be the same, that ‘PERFECT’ man or woman.Moreover, I was not sure about her being a strong feminist rebel. In the fountainhead, the hero rapes the heroine when they first meet. And the heroine wanted it.
This brings me to OSHO. The one man who still inspires me the most.
His idea of morality was organic, spontaneous and so flexible, so alive.
He believed that when you are truly aware of a situation, then you have the freedom to choose what is right according  to the context rather than some code.
Moreover, I loved his book on politics.
He embraced the body along with the mind, the world along with the soul, the self along with the other, the west along with the east, Science along with Spirituality. He was harmony.
But of course, it was too good to be true.
His quotes on homosexuality made me uncomfortable,
As a homosexual you are not even a human being, what to say about a second-class citizen? You have fallen from dignity. I have great love for you, but that does not mean that I will support your perversion. You love me, but your love is meaningless if you cannot understand what I am saying. Be heterosexual. Homosexuality is just a habit that you have got, an ugly habit. Drop it. It is simply a question of dropping it, because it is not natural. Wild animals in the jungle are never homosexual; but in zoos, where females are not available, they turn into homosexuals. All your monasteries are zoos! Why are you becoming part of a zoo? Gather courage: Why are you afraid of a woman? My love is for you. That’s why I am condemning homosexuality continually — because I want you to become natural again.
That is not to say, he was homophobic. OSHO’s contradictions always made it difficult for him to be labelled.
There is nothing wrong in being homosexual. You need not feel guilty about it. One certainly has to go beyond sex, but that is as much applicable to heterosexuality as it is applicable to homosexuality. Heterosexuality or homosexuality are just styles of the same stupidity! You need not feel guilty. In fact, looking at the population of the world, homosexuality should be supported. At least you will not be increasing the population of the world, you will not be loading the earth more. It is already loaded too much. Homosexuality should be valued, respected — it is pure fun! Heterosexuality is dangerous. And what is wrong? If two persons are enjoying each other’s bodies, nothing is wrong. It should be their concern; nobody else’s business to interfere.
I believe that everyone has the right to choose their identity and be happy in it.
Of course, I don’t agree with OSHO at all when he says that homosexuality is unnatural/wrong.
And, thankfully, that prevents me from idolizing him.
In a way, I guess this was destined. Although I don’t believe in destiny that much.
It prevented me from becoming a slave to the idol, while sucking out enough inspiration and ideas from them.
And now, I guess, is the beginning of the journey to be ME rather than Lady Gaga, Ayn Rand or OSHO.Let’s see what the cocoon reveals.

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Love, Art and Lady GaGa

If you have revolutionary potential,

Then it’s your moral imperative to make the world a better place.

It was in 2009 that I saw the latex-clad beast called Lady GaGa for the first time.Those were the days when India was relatively ignored by Hollywood and the hype was always late to reach the Indian shores.

By that time Pokerface, Paparazzi and all other videos from ‘The Fame’ had already been released and the label of attention-whore had been slapped on her forehead.

But from the very beginning, when I had seen her emerge from the pool wearing a disco-mask and catsuit, I knew that she was the person who’ll show me the way. It was as if my hymen-like sense of reality was torn apart by her pure avant-garde force. In a metaphorical way, my virginity was taken by her dick.

And thus began my obsession with  my idol, Lady GaGa.

People have often asked me why a pop-star chameleon means so much to me that I take every insult hurled at her as a personal attack and I laugh and cry along with her.

To tell the truth, I don’t know.

Perhaps, it’s the sense of liberation that I feel when I watch her singing with her teats on fire. Or is it the power of accepting myself when I see her bathed in the spotlight, talking about being dumped in the garbage.

Maybe, it’s the sense of unity that I feel when I see her talking about female empowerment, gay rights, being who you want to be and art — everything in which I believe in.

Or it could also be that watching the first pop star of our generation to wear a meat dress when she accepts her VMA simply gives me voyeuristic pleasure. Her homo-erotic, pop opera — The Monster Ball — was indeed an emotionally charged glamour show.

But who cares what the reason is?

The inspiration that I derive from GaGa will remain ignorant to logic and reason.

After all, fantasy is what we have created together — GaGa and us little monsters.

And as she says, our bond is an exorcism — She is me and I am her.

Singing and dancing, with our glitter and hairbows on, we have effectively slayed reality.

But some say that all of it is a lie. Lady GaGa is just a synthetic pop-star, hungry for fame and money and her image is just an illusion.

But, at this point it doesn’t really matter. The image is what we have ever known.

The lie is the truth.

And the dream which we have created together is now immortal forever. 

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