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Why My Atheism Doesn’t Need The Absence of God


We have been told that there is some supreme being up in heaven who looks after us and is all good.
Supposedly he is all powerful – – the master of the cosmos.
He sees everything – – all our crimes and acts of kindness.
Also, he is omnipresent, existing everywhere, all at once, always.

And yet, despite this grand claim of religion, the amount of human suffering only seems to be increasing as the centuries pass by.

Wars have gotten deadlier as humanity learns to create newer and better Weapons of Mass Destruction.

After a brief waning of religious fundamentalism in the middle of 20th century, our dear god has returned to become an excuse for genocides and terrorist bombings.

We live in an era in which the amount of absolute poverty is highest in the history of humanity. Despite this fact, there seems to be a consensus that the fight against an economy of inequality is trivial or boring.

As if these human-made atrocities were not enough, our dear god seems to be particularly keen on gifting us more and more disasters of the natural kind.

In the middle of all this shit, some people see the divine will at work to do good. They say it is god’s own mysterious way to redeem humankind. The disasters, genocides, mass rapes and child prostitutes are all part of the plan. They are a symbol of divine grace, according to the religious nuts.

And this is what, I think, justifies 21st century Atheism. If God exists, then he is a criminal. And that is why I reject his demand to be acknowledged and worshiped.

If God is omnipotent, then he is responsible for the millions of live lost in earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis everywhere in the world.

If he is omnipresent, then he just stood by when millions of women, children and men were raped, ripped apart and destroyed throughout history.

If he is omniscient, then he just watches passively as thousands of infants starve to death everyday around the world.

I know religious crazies have justifications for this as well. “Wait for the judgment day or Karma,” they say.
But a being who can stop and prevent these mind-numbing atrocities through his divine powers cannot excuse himself of his responsibility. Giving judgments after the beings he created have committed their crimes barely lessens the suffering of the innocents.

One who stands by even though he can prevent a crime is as guilty as the criminal himself.

And thus, I refuse to believe in the existence of God simply because I don’t see this divine being making a difference. Even if god exists so what? Humanity still has to deal with the world on its own. Praying and worship have never prevented a tragedy. Nor it ever will.

Thus, my atheism is purely a political rebellion. It is the negation of god even if he exists. It is the act of spitting on his face. It is the slap which he deserves if he exists.

Militant atheists like Dawkins simply waste their time debating with theists about the non-existence of god.

Firstly, the concept of God itself is unscientific. God is (cleverly) conceived as something which can’t be completely known. Thus, God can’t be disproved. And despite the claims of physicists, just because science works doesn’t automatically mean that God doesn’t exist.
E=mc2 has no logical connection to God=Non-existent.

Secondly, if God exists then it is even worse for religion. Because in the center of their belief system lies a being who is the most perverted criminal in the cosmos.

Thus, I think atheism should give up the time consuming, elaborate debates about the absence or the existence of the oldest imaginary friend humanity ever created. It should simply position itself as a political rebellion — something which makes much more sense in the present scenario.

Nietzsche said:

“…if God did exist, we would need to kill him off.”

However the 21st century atheist should say:

” God has survived, let’s kill him better in a better way. “

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Day Dreams

Darkness — suffocating, painful darkness. This is what surrounds me when I open my eyes. But, when my eyelids lie in a resting embrace, a new world is dissolved into reality.

Welcome, this is my world — where the moon shines with a rainbow glory and every particle throbs with the blood of hope. Where darkness is celebrated along with light, where my demons become sacred.

Where fantasy breathes in all it’s glory.

I float in the golden sky with the crown of eternity. My fear of heights vanishes in this sacred sanctuary.

I am successful, I am fearless, I am GOD.

Fame — Amen.

Love — Amen.

Art — Amen.

Power — Amen.

Dreams — Amen.

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The Death Of A Legend

Perched upon a golden throne,

I will die with my scepter and the crown of a king.

A prophet, a revolutionary, a shepherd and a guide,

My heart will be preserved in the hourglass of eternity.

And my soul will live on forever,

Dancing upon the thunder of immortality.

My tomb will be a temple,

A shrine of my glory—

Where my followers will burn reverential incense,

And my enemies will lick the floor with their tongues.

My blood will rain down from golden clouds,

And the world will be drenched in the sea of my being.

My flesh will be a monument, a sculpture, a symbol,

An artwork testifying the power of dreams.

My face will shine with the splendor of the Sun,

Enveloping eternity with it’s warmth.

And my voice will reverberate in the multiverse —

Singing, shouting, screaming my name.

The day of my death will be a festival, a celebration.

And the streets will flood with people awed by my magnificence.

The skies will echo with hymns narrating my eminence,

And the chant of my name will be upon every human tongue.

‘Coz when I will die, perched upon my golden throne,

I will be a God. 

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