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I hold her hand as she talks about him,

She tells me how he made love to her.

I sniff her hair, but I smell his sweat;

Even her scent proclaims that she’s owned by him.

We kiss and she caresses my cheek,

I know she misses his hard stubble.

She likes it rough.

She promises me that she has forgotten him,

But then, when I take her in my arms,

She asks me if he’ll come back to her.

And then, in a soft, low whisper, I say



He is with his new girl, his hand on her waist.

He smiles — proud at his achievement.

He has to realise that he’s just another man-whore.

He shows her off like a stolen diamond ring,

He should know that he’s just her trophy prostitute.

He asks me if I think if he’s popular,

And then, in a voice firm and harsh, I say



I find him sitting amidst a crowd,

He says that he feels lonely.

He will have to take of his red blindfold.

He shows the way to those who come to him;

It’s time that he follows the path that he knows is his.

The scarlet wounds on his feet bleed,

He should stop sprinting when he needs to walk.

His pencil lays broken on the table,

He asks me if he’s a bad writer

And then, in a loud, ferocious roar, I say


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A Phoenix Reborn

Naked and cold

I lay on the ground.

Dark, black tears

from my eyes roll down.

I look into the mirror,

A stranger stares.

I try to find me,

But I am not there.

I cry in horror,

in agony and disgust.

Oh why did I ever

gave into lust?

I go outside

into the terrace,

I shout and I weep,

My life’s such a menace.

The city lights

in front of my eyes,

seem like hell fire

Inviting me to die.

I stretch my arms,

And I twirl around.

I jump and I dance,

to the city’s sound.

I dance in regret,

I am lit with fire.

In me burned

the sins of desire.

I apologise to love,

And to my babies unborn.

I slept for money,

A sin I now scorn.

I collapse on the ground,

And finally I die.

No one cares,

And No one cries.

But look into the ashes

A phoenix arises.

With a pure soul

I am reborn again!

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